Things we like: San Francisco (part one)

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I love San Francisco. I’ve not met a single person who didn’t like it and if you haven’t been, you’d probably like it too. That is unless you dislike sunshine, wine, fresh local ingredients, seafood and a population that understands the value of good food. Last weekend, I took a short trip to San Francisco and thanks to friends on Twitter, Facebook and “real life,” I had more than enough good food spots to choose from. I know many of you will be visiting SFO soon, so I’ve shared the food map I created for this trip. Please let me know if you think another place should be added to the map.

Photos to come…

Thanks to Klout and Virgin America for flying me there.

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Ok, so I’ll definitely be referring to this map when I finally hit up San Fran (possibly before the end of 2010, yay). I was wondering though… When in San Fran, did their food scene seem that much more “hip & happening” in comparison to Toronto? There’s this general notion that people in San Fran are so much more keen on food, and so much more into the food culture… moreso than many places in the world! Did you feel this, or notice this at all? I’m just kind of curious… but mostly, I wish there were more “foodies” in Toronto.

Shelley added these pithy words on Aug 24 10 at 11:10 pm

Shelly, sorry I didn’t respond earlier!

I think it’s fair to say that SF is a bit more advanced in their love of local food and foodie culture in general. It may be because they’ve got a slightly deeper culinary history than we do. Their growing season is much longer than ours after all. In the end, it’s hard to compare how into food people are. Truth is, I think there are lots of “foodies” in Toronto, we just have to find each other!

Andrea added these pithy words on Sep 21 10 at 1:35 pm

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